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August 9, 2010

Traveling with kids: How to evaluate good vacation cities

The whole gang is out to play. Summer breaks are looming and it is time to decide where to take the family summer vacations. You need somewhere the kids won’t get bored, irritated and, as a result, turn it into the “holiday from hell” for you them, and anyone else within a five mile vicinity of the “family at war”. But you, the parents, want to go to a city. Therefore, what do you have to look for in a city that will make an enjoyable vacation for the kids as well?

First it will need appropriate fun activity for children. This needs to be something of interest to keep them amused. For example London has it’s own, quite large zoo. This will keep the kids amused for hours.

Second, it needs a wonder activity. By this, I mean that one or two special moments that will become a talking point for the kids for weeks. Paris has the Eiffel Tower, Amsterdam has its Trams, London has the London Eye and the Planetarium.

Third the educational activity. Education can be fun, yes even on vacation. Most major cities have museums, many with working models of machinery or other items that children are allowed to interact with.

Time to relax. The kids, and you, are going to need time to relax during your stay, therefore it is important to select a city that has open spaces, such as a park, where the family can relax, or a river where a leisurely sightseeing trip can be used to relax from all the excitement.

Feeding time. No, not at the zoo, but the family will want to eat. This usually leads to arguments. Kids want Macdonalds but the parents don’t. A good city for kids will have a wide range of food places that cater for kids with menu and variety, whilst at the same time allowing the parents to have their choice of meals.

The best idea before planning the vacation is to contact the tourist board of a few likely cities and then, as a family, see if you can find one that appeals to all.

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