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August 8, 2010

Top Attractions And Holiday Accommodation In Amsterdam

Boasting more than 4.2 million international visitors per year. In 2007, they had the second highest European hotel accommodation room occupation rate.

Tourists can pick and choose from 350 Hotels, seventeen of which are five star hotel accommodations. 18 000 holiday rental rooms and almost 45 000 holiday accommodation beds are provided. Amsterdam also has five camping sights and many holiday apartments.

Once your holiday accommodation has been booked, look at some of the fabulous attractions Valencia has to offer. Amsterdam attracts tourists as it has a reputation as a highly liberal city. It has a relaxed charm that is highlighted by narrow fronted and elegant merchant’s houses and beautiful; and it has a reputation of great museums.

The Van Gogh Museum hosts some 550 sketches and two hundred paintings depicting all the moods of Van Gogh. These are combined with Van Gogh hundreds of letters, as well as selected works by his contemporaries and friends, form the core of the museum’s collection.

Oude Kerk is a very old church with tiny houses along to its sides. It is a welcome calm haven at the very centre of the frenetic and vibrant Red Light District. Sailors used these buildings to regain their bearings, and the Gothic-renaissance style bell tower was a favorite of theirs.

Begijnhof is a charming garden surrounded by old houses and a medieval church. The church is located in the centre of the lawns, while number 34 is famous for being the oldest house in Amsterdam. Entrance on Spui is carved on a sign, and entry is free. A vaulted passageway will lead you to Begijnhof. Old ladies now take the place of the devout celibate Bguine nuns that used to be in charge.

The classical Koninklijk Paleis building was built as the town hall. Its fine structure and sculptures were meant to glorify Amsterdam the city and its government.

The Red Light District of Amsterdam is a major tourist attraction. It is also known as Walletjes, and is the best-known red-light district in the city. It consists of an alley network containing a great number of small rooms rented by mostly females who offer their special services from behind a glass window or door, which is usually decorated with red lights. The area has an overall adult entertainment feel with peep shows, sex shops, sex theatres, a sex museum as well as a cannabis museum, and many coffee shops offering various smoking products.

The Rijksmuseum is the biggest museum in the country, and more than a 1 000 000 people visit it each year. The museum is a famous Amsterdam landmark and contains an unequalled collection of Dutch art. Another art museum not to be missed is the Stedelijk Museum, which houses the civic collection of modern art. Expect to see great works by masters such as Monet, Picasso, Matisse, and Cezane.

The popular Anne Frank House is in the centre of Amsterdam. This is Anne Franks original hiding place where she penned her famous World War II experience diary.

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