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May 25, 2010

Tips for booking a flight online

If anyone knows about getting a cheap flight deal, it’s me. I am the deal sleuth – the go-to person for anyone around me who plans any travels. I am the master at stretching travel dollars the furthest. But mastering the art of cheap online bookings is not difficult. Anyone can do it. It is simply a matter of knowing where to look in the increasing link pool that is the internet.

First off, everyone has to realize that they are not the first to seek a great deal. Others have come before them, and many deals have been devised to do just that.

The first amazing deal is the RTW ticket – fares start from as low as a $1000 (US). Know to inquire about them, or search for them on booking sites. Essentially, RTW tickets are a tool that allows airlines to network together and pool passengers, and in the process better fill their seats. After all, every filled seat means more revenue, even if it is offered at a discount. These tickets are win-win for both the passenger and the airline, not to mention a phenomenal bargain for long-haul flights. After all, RTW stands for “Round the World,” essentially a round-trip with as many stops as you want along the way. Thus, while many extended-term travelers or “backpackers” use these tickets, they are not the only ones who can benefit from them. They are great for anyone who might want to factor included stopovers into the flight route, to break up what would otherwise be a long-haul flight. A series of shorter flights can include great sight-seeing opportunities. One important note is that RTW tickets generally only work for people who have a minimum of 10 days for their travels. RTW flights are very flexible though -times/dates can be changed along the way and the tickets are valid for a full year.

The two main RTW airline alliances are One World and Star Alliance ( is currently advertising a RTW route starting at $799US plus taxes. This fare route is: New York – Reykjavik – London – Amsterdam – Prague – Rome – Munich – Paris – New York. So it is a great way to fly to many European cities with one great fare. While it would be a rushed two weeks, if one is limited for time, it would a great European sampler nonetheless, and not much more than a direct single flight to any given European city. Imagine spending a day each in Reykjavik, London, Amsterdam, Prague, Rome, and Munich en route to a main destination of Paris. As long as one has 10 days, so many world sightseeing opportunities

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