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July 25, 2010

The World is your Playground With World Resort Vacations!

If you’re seeking unique vacation destinations, then World Resort Vacations is your resource for exotic and adventurous getaways abroad. Focused on Canada-wide service, our Canadian travel agents are well versed on every facet of your ideal trip, in practically any part of the globe. Not a timeshare, we are an exclusive vacation membership company that works with major international resort chains scattered all across our planet. Never are our members limited to where they can travel or by time of year. No other Canadian travel agency is as focused on providing opportunities for you to fulfill your perfect getaway in a more economically feasible manner.

Whether you’re looking to wander the canal streets of Amsterdam or capture some relaxation in the Caribbean, the Canadian travel agents are focused on making your dream destination a reality. If you’re looking to save thousands on your travel experiences, then you should look no further. From three-day getaways to three-week excursions, you’ll enjoy wholesale airfares, luxury resorts and cruises at cost. And with that in mind, you’ll never have to worry about travel times because you will always are the one who chooses when you travel. From 114 countries and more than 5,000 resorts in our network, our Canadian travel agents will surely be able to help you find whatever it is you’re truly after.

Many vacationers quite like you have already begun taking full advantage of these great travel opportunities. Much different than a timeshare or any other Canadian travel agency, we are able to open the door to the entire globe and help you fulfill your dream escape vacations. Another great thing to keep in mind, no matter if it’s two hours or two years in advance, the Canadian Travel Agents allows you to schedule your travel times whenever you want – quite unlike a timeshare. You can even take family and friends with you, in that they too will enjoy the same low rates and benefits when they travel with a member. And there’s simply so much to choose from – including 25 different cruise lines with over 20,000 itineraries, more than 2,800 ports and 150 ships. The best part about being a member is there is never a limit on how much you can travel – you simply save more the more you travel.

Whether it’s a gondola ride in Venice or a full African safari, no other Canadian travel agency is able to fulfill your vacation desires like us. This is your opportunity to visit the places you’ve only ever dreamed of before. So if you’re looking for a little rest and relaxation, now is the time to pack your bags and start skipping across the globe. So if you’ve got your passport ready, go ahead and unlock the door to these amazing travel destinations all over the world.

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