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August 14, 2010

The easiest way to book a flight

So you think you know how to book a flight? What is the first thing to do – check out the prices, search for your favourite airline?

Then answer is book your travel insurance.

I work for a major tour operator as a problem solver and believe me when I say there are untold problems caused by people who have booked their flights and then some calamity has befallen them – the result of which is they have lost all the money they have paid for their flight and/or holiday accommodation.

Everyone is looking for cheap flights these days and hardly anyone thinks about insurance for that unexpected cancellation or sickness. With competitive prices from a multitude of companies – you will have no problem picking up cheap insurance deals.

Of course we can all find cheap flights, however airlines have very strict policies on what is termed a cancellation and what is not – so it is always best to check out their policies in details. Below are a few tips to ensure that your booking will be hassle free and you will actually enjoy your holiday, even if things go wrong.

When you enter a website to book a flight, ensure your details are entered correctly, check and recheck before you hit that ‘book now’ button – a name error on a booking can cost you anything from 50.00pp to full cancellation on your booking, depending on the airline involved.

The cheapest way to find a flight is to get on a particular airline’s website – other websites which are run by travel agents and tour operators will have commission added on to their prices. Having said that, some tour operators have special contract prices with the airlines when they book passengers on a package which involves accommodation or carhire as well as flights – it may be to your advantage to ask for these package prices – do be aware though that if you go to the high street travel agents – they also are on commisssion and will probably be booking you through a tour operator – so you need to shop around to fine the best deals.

Check all your flight details before you book them – some flights may look direct, but when you click on the information – they are flying via another city and may be held up there – usually for refuelling purposes – for a couple of hours. Also you may think that a ‘direct’ flight is just that, direct from A to B. Not so, a ‘non stop’ flight is direct from A to B a ‘direct’ flight means that it will go directly from A to B but may well travel through its ‘hub’ city on the way and probably touchdown their as well.

A ‘hub’ city is one where the airline has its HQ more or less – for example, KLM has the hub city of Amsterdam, British Airways has London as its hub city.

Last but not least – always check the small print – in your insurance details and on your flights before you book. Some websites insist that you ‘click on the button to accept that you have read the booking conditions’ – some people click on it and do not read one detail.

Woe betide you, this is the most important part of your booking and should be throughly perused before you ‘accept’ anything. We all know it is a pain to do so – but take your time when making the booking and you will not end up stuck at the airport for the next three days

on standby – because you made an error or you did not read the small print.

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