Amsterdam Hotels Articles

August 18, 2010

Amsterdam Is a Top European Location

… the canals of Amsterdam as there are boat services that offer drinks and music as a form of entertainment while cruising.

Apartments and hotel rooms can be located that are situated right on the canal. This may present the visitor …

June 17, 2010

Your 1-2-3 Ultimate Travel Guide In Amsterdam

attractions. Walking is considered the usual form of travel especially for tourists although some prefer to use bikes. The city attractions in Amsterdam are ideal for those who like to take long leisurely strolls, or jog around for some exercise. It …

April 22, 2010

Amsterdam Moving Around In Two Wheels

… technological world, a bicycle is the ideal way to travel around Amsterdam. This city was just not built for cars. Amsterdam’s city center, formed in the 17th century, was intended for pedestrians and certainly not for large vehicles. Amsterdam is …

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