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August 29, 2010

Flights to Galway Â? Fly into the West!

… Newcastle
Belfast City
Amsterdam Schiphol

The past, present and the …

August 25, 2010

How to Book Cheap Flights to Europe

… , you have struck jackpot which should not be left. All these cities offer the vibrant colors of their culture. Where Amsterdam offers a peaceful retreat, Berlin attracts you for its lifestyle; where Paris lulls you for its fashion, London calls you …

August 17, 2010

Have You Travel To The Great City Of Amsterdam?

… Staying at Amsterdam is a breeze and because of its flat terrain, most of the city dwellers manage bicycles to drive in town. Amsterdam also has great public transportation such as trams, a great subway system and the central train station. Housing, …

August 14, 2010


… at

However, if you prefer to fly, KLM run a number of flights from the UK to Holland, flying from Amsterdam for example to cities such as Aberdeen, Birmingham, Cardiff, Leeds, Edinburgh and Glasgow, as well as Heathrow and …

August 5, 2010

Best cities in the world

… rich with history and culture. Please, I beg you; reconsider the other side of Amsterdam.

For a cheap hostel I suggest The Flying Pig (located down at the beach and on Leidsplein St.) They have multiple accommodationssingle rooms, …

July 19, 2010

Travel to Europe – Book Cheap Plane Tickets

… tickets to any destination in Europe and know the reason why most people love to travel to European cities.

Places like Amsterdam, Berlin, Madrid, Rome, London, Paris, Prague, Stockholm and Vienna, to name only some, are all the places …

July 12, 2010

The legend of the Flying Dutchman

… Blackwood’s Magazine, in 1821. The article also alludes to one of the few locations where the ship could have been built: Amsterdam.

The legend tells that the captain of his ship, whomever he was, knew that a storm was brewing while he was …

June 17, 2010

Amsterdam: Things to do with the family

… friendly side of Amsterdam that’s just perfect for the venturing family who comes here.

When you get to Amsterdam or even if you research it on the internet, you’ll realize that their main tourist attractions are actually their various …

June 9, 2010

Classical Concerts and Canals in Amsterdam

… of Comments Off

June 7, 2010

Ten Countries In Europe For An Amazing European Tour

… , you could visit its historical places like Temple de la Sagrada Familia and Cathedral La Seu, etc.

6.) Come Fly to Amsterdam

Amsterdam – the country where Anne Frank came from, author of the famous Anne Frank’s diary, a teenager …

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