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June 22, 2010

Barbados Naked

… direct make sure you calculate it in when pricing up your trip.

A 15% VAT applies to most services including car hire, tourist attractions, restaurants, retail (apart from Duty Free items), excursions etc, but this is usually included in the …

June 7, 2010

Amsterdam Along the Ij

… be one of the most impoverished parts of the center. Over 4 to 5 years all the projects will be finished; Amsterdam could be around the IJ like London around the Thames or Paris around the Seine.

The changing climate will positively stimulate …

June 4, 2010

Must Do Sites In Amsterdam

… you fancy something a little different, this is definitely the place for you.

Coffee shops

Any discussion of Amsterdam is not complete without even a mention of their infamous coffee shops. Whether you are all for it or …

April 25, 2010

Share Special Moments In A Budget Hotel Amsterdam

… have lots of cultural places, mainly museums.

First, it is important that you know how to get to your destination. All Amsterdams transportation is focus in the Central Station. Here, you will find a transport for any place in the Netherlands to a …

Amsterdam Airport Guide

… also available for longer stays if needed. You may want to check to see if reservations are needed.

Amsterdam Airport Car Hire

You will find that there are car hire or rental services that are available at and near …

April 22, 2010

Amsterdam Moving Around In Two Wheels

… technological world, a bicycle is the ideal way to travel around Amsterdam. This city was just not built for cars. Amsterdam’s city center, formed in the 17th century, was intended for pedestrians and certainly not for large vehicles. Amsterdam is …

April 14, 2010

Amsterdam Hotels For Less

… your choices a bit more limited in hotels, the goal is to fold in the costs of your plane ride as well as your car rental, should you select it. By bringing these things together, you will save a great deal of money overall.

2.Do comparison …

April 7, 2010

Amsterdam By Numbers In A Nut Shell

… the 38,200 hotel beds in the city. Nature enthusiasts can make use of the five camp sites during warming months.

Getting around with or without a bike is not a problem, because the city has 232 city trams, nine ferry boats, and 110 …

Getting to Amsterdam, Holland

… fee, bikes are permitted on board trains and ferries. Backpackers, students, or those on a tight budget may find this to be their best option by far since it affords easy transportation into and around Amsterdam without the heavy parking fees.

April 6, 2010

The Amsterdam Airport Schiphol

… licensed brother at this Amsterdam airport, bur even the liberal Dutch required time on that.

Driving Directions

The Amsterdam airport Schiphol is actually situated off the A4 motorway, which connects the city of Amsterdam to The …

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