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August 2, 2010

Spectacular Weekend In Hotels Amsterdam

Amsterdam is a city full of contrast. Old churches and modern buildings can be seen throughout the city. The best way to enjoy the view is walking. Amsterdam is not a big city but there some places where is necessary another kind of transportation. For example, Dutch people prefer to travel by train when distance is long. Riding a bike is common too.

The trouble in Holland isn’t finding something to do. Amsterdam has an abundance of historic sites, renowned clubs, excellent restaurants and exclusive architecture. The real worry is where begin the exploration. Dont forget to book Hotels Amsterdam before you arrive to Amsterdam.

Vondelpark is a terrific place to do a lot of things. Jog, walk, eat, feed animals or have a picnic are some activities that you can do. During the summer months, thousands of young people of the entire world visit the park for the free concerts.

If dont speak Dutch, dont worry. Dutch people speak English fluid.

Red Light District receives a large quantity of adult public, especially at night. The minimum age for access to these services is 18 years. Dont forget that. If you want more information about this topic, you should buy a touristic map with all the address and events of the city.

Hotels Amsterdam is not only good for sleep but also to eat, although many rooms include breakfast in the price. Usually restaurants in Amsterdam are expensive; therefore you need to seek the best way to save money.

Amsterdam is a tolerant city but there are some rules that you have to follow, for example: Don’t drink alcohol on the streets, dont walk in the bike lanes, dont urinate on the streets, dont buy drugs, etc. Obviously there are more but these are the principals. Be respectful, you are in a foreign country.

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