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July 28, 2010

Budget Hotels Amsterdam, better impossible

Amsterdam is more than coffee shops and the Red Light District. Holland in general is a country with traditions and beautiful landmarks. For example, it is impossible to imagine Holland without its tulips, wooden shoes, windmills and cheese. Amsterdam is perfect for everybody, young and old people alike will enjoy the diverse activities that city has to offer, visit it. Remember, any Budget Hotels Amsterdam is necessary if you pretend to stay several days in the town.

One Amsterdam’s curiosity, wooden shoes are considered between Dutch traditional dress, despite having a Swedish origin. These shoes will be an excellent souvenir to your relatives or friends. If you have any question about the city, you should ask information in any Budget Hotels Amsterdam.

If it is your first time in Amsterdam, visiting the Anne Frank House would be part of your itinerary. Today, this house is like a museum and it is located in the downtown, so, you will find it easily. Perhaps you had never heard about this house. Well, in this house Anne Frank wrote her famous daily during the German occupation in the Second World War. She, her family and some Jews were hidden in the basement almost 2 years.

The Netherlands have almost 20 millions of bicycles in all the country. Amsterdam is perfect to use this kind of transport because the streets are flat. Therefore, if you want to save money, instead to taking a taxi, you ought to rent a bike. Unfortunately, you can not keep it in any Budget Hotels Amsterdam, it is not permitted.

Finally, you have many options to choose Amsterdam in your next vacations. The Vondelpark, Heineken Brewery, Windmills, Canals and Museums are part Amsterdam’s attractions.

Finally, you can not leave Amsterdam if you don’t eat the Dutch cuisine. The Netherlands is notorious for its varieties of cheese and delicious chocolate.

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