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August 26, 2010

Begin A New Day In A Budget Hotel Amsterdam

Tourists and young people enjoy Amsterdam for many reasons. A liberal city like Amsterdam is a magnet for visitors, especially for its famous Red Light District where you can find a particular atmosphere. Party and a lot of beer are characteristic in this zone of the city. Here, prostitution is legalized and the sell of soft drugs is permitted, however, it is important to take precautions to avoid any inconvenient. A Budget Hotel Amsterdam is a good option to stay in the town.

Dutch people are football’s fanatics. Excellent Dutch players play in the most important teams of Europe. Real Madrid, Barcelona, Arsenal and Milan are some football teams where football Dutch players develop a great performance. If you want to be part of that, you must visit the Amsterdam Arena, the Ajax’s stadium. Ajax is the most popular team in the Netherlands and with more championships.

It is impossible to feel bored in Amsterdam; you only need a Budget Hotel Amsterdam to begin your own adventure. If it is your first time in Amsterdam you will see something particular. Bikes are the main means of transport in the town. Amsterdam has more bicycles than cars because bikes are more practical. There is not better way to live the Dutch experience than ride in Dutch streets. There are many businesses that rent this vehicle to cheaper prices, but don’t forget to hire a lock too; bike’s theft is common in the city.

Another option to enjoy with children is the Artis ZOO. Located in the downtown, Artis ZOO consists of four main areas: Zoo, Planetarium, Botanical Gardens and Geological and Zoological museum. Kids will enjoy a visit like this, remember to carry a camera or buy one after your book a room in your Budget Hotel Amsterdam.

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