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August 5, 2010

A Wonderful Day In A Budget Hotel Amsterdam

When you visit a new country, which is what you expect? Generally, people want to life new adventures. Amsterdam can offer to you this and more. If you pretend to visit Holland for many days, a Budget Hotel Amsterdam is a good alternative to stay in the city. Now, it is time explore the Netherlands.

You ought to take a walk through the Vondelpark. This green space has 120 acres of gardens where Dutch people and tourist can enjoy free concerts, open air theater and other performances.

Amsterdam is a cultural city, if you want to know the major museums of Amsterdam and save time and money. You should visit the Museumplein. It is the name for three of Amsterdam’s most renowned museums, which are all situated near one another. They are Rijksmuseum, Van Gogh Museum and Stedelijk Museum.

A good idea is find a Budget Hotel Amsterdam in the downtown. This decision will help you a lot because all the interesting places in Amsterdam are located specifically in the city centre.

Fortunately, transportation in Amsterdam is first class. The train service is punctual and this kind of transport connects the town, therefore, is very easy to find the place you’re looking for. Another option to move around Amsterdam is renting a bike, obviously if the distance is not too long. You will contribute with the ecology with this option.

The only bad in Amsterdam is the food. It doesnt have too much variety and some restaurants are expensive so you can eat in your Budget Hotel Amsterdam for less money. Maybe you can get a map there.

Finally, a visit to Amsterdam not is complete unless you go to the coffee shop. They are traditional in the city and many tourists visit them because adults can legally purchase and consume cannabis. Be careful.

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